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THB has been embraced by some iconic rappers for its uniqe style over the past few months

After being seen in music videos, interviews, and rappers wearing the brand on stage, THB finally releases their limited edition Winter Collection to continue building upon its legacy and uphold its distinctive streetwear identity

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Seen in Goldenboy - Took Flight

(Music Video)

Rappers seen in the latest THB

Tory Lanez
Rick Ross
Kodak Black
LPB Poody (interview)
YNW BSlime

Who is Hudgen?

Hudgen is a fashion designer that was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut. After watching his single mother struggle to make ends meet, Hudgen moved to the state of Florida at the age of 10 where he was adopted.

Now, from the corners of Bridgeport to the biggest celebreties in the world, by the style of Florida. The Hudgen Brand is now seen nationally from the east to the west coast, worn by some of the biggest rappers like Rick Ross, Tory Lanez, Hotboii & legendary bay area rap group 'SOBxRBE'.


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